Profile of Vada Abrahamson, 2019

Hi! My name is Vada Abrahamson, and this is my personal corner of the web. There are a lot of websites like this, but this one is mine.

Before you mosey around and check out what I have to say on my blog, here are some basic (boring?) nuggets of info about me. Enjoy! Or don’t, I’m staying here regardless.

In 2017 when I was just a wee baby, I graduated from Chariton High School (go Chargers!) High school is where many of my passions began. I was editor of my high school yearbook for three years, little did I know, journalism would turn from an easy credit to my full blown career path. During these four years, I also developed a passion for running and health. This passion, of course, has taken a backseat since coming to college.

Upon graduation, I attended Des Moines Area Community College and graduated, yet again, in 2019 with an Associates Degree. While at DMACC, I began to question my career path, each day lead me closer to graduation and left me with less time to find a plan quick. Over and over I came to realize writing was the only thing I was good at and one of the only things I believed could keep me entertained for a lifetime. During my last semester at DMACC, I applied to Drake University and decided I would pursue journalism.

I am now finishing my last two years of school at Drake , I am studying Magazine Media and will graduate in 2021. After graduation, I intend to write/ edit for magazines, with high hopes to end up on the O Magazine staff.

Outside of school, I enjoy the mundane things of life. Going on walks, drinking coffee at my favorite coffee shop, spending time with friends and finding tiny nooks in Des Moines to read my favorite books. Many compare my life and interests to that of an elderly woman, I call it finding joy in the simple things.

I make no promises as to what you will find on this blog, as my interests change in a similar fashion to Midwest weather. Feel free to join me and read about whatever I want to talk about.

If you have any (sarcastic) comments, questions or book recommendations, please do not hesitate to reach out through the contact page! I am always excited to meet and hear from new people.

– Vada Abrahamson